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At present, the earth is facing environmental problems as a result of economic development which ignores environmental development. The increase in the number of vehicles has led to an increase of gasoline usage resulting in both noise and air pollution. In addition, the oil price has also increased recently. Therefore, Clean Fuel Energy Enterprise Co., Ltd. has through research invented electric powered vehicles which are environmentally friendly. As gasoline is not used, the expense is markedly decreased which is compatible to the government policy called E-CO Car. According to this policy, the size of any vehicle should not be more than 1.32 meters wide, 3.6 meters long. Now, our professional team has studied and developed electric powered vehicles perfectly as required.

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Family Mate I
Electric Powered Vehicle Family Mate I,
2 sections, 4 seats, 4.7 horse power, is suitable for people who prefer to drive themselves. It is a multi purpose vehicle and can be used for driving in villages, resorts or hotels.
Family Mate II
A multi purpose Electric Powered Vehicle Family Mate II, 3 sections, 6 seats, can be used fro a variety of tasks including transporting passengers to various
events or places.
Sea Lion
C-FEE Company has designed this vehicle to be used on the road along the beach or on the beach of luxury hotels so foreign guests can drive it to appreciate the scenery.

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